Provide warmth and comfort in your home. Carpet provides a comfortable place to sit, play or work and gives a room an overall warmer feeling. You can choose from many thousands of carpet styles and colors. That means your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. Carpet can be a neutral foundation, or it can be a focal point with vibrant colors and stronger bolder patterns and textures.

Carpet 101

Understanding a few simple basics about carpet will help you make the right choices for your lifestyle and budget.

Carpet Types:

Texture Plush:

Most decoratively versatile. Create relaxed looks with smooth, twisted yarns that adds causal beauty to any room. Preferred style for busy households. A great “whole-house” carpet. Textured surfaces help hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Loop Pile:

This style generally lasts a long time in high-traffic areas. Many of today’s popular Berber styles are level loop styles with flecks of a darker color on a lighter background to crate a unique contemporary look. Use uneven loops for texture, level loops for durability. This carpeting is ideal when attempting to conceal footprints and vacuum marks.

Twist (Frieze):

A type of textured carpet that is casual, durable and clean in appearance, characterized by very tightly twisted yarns.  This carpeting offers a contemporary look known as the “modern-day shag,” and thus, is resilient to vacuum and traffic patterns, making it ideal for children’s rooms and active areas of the home.


Craft dramatic visuals with varying loop and cut height. This carpeting offers distinct beauty and personality in both casual and elegant styles.

Carpet Fibers:

Fiber selection affects carpet end use performance. Manufacturers are a valuable resource in determining the fiber and construction most appropriate to the application. These are the basic types of carpet pile fibers.

Nylon: Two types, Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6, are typically used in carpet. Nylon features include the ability to produce a variety of color schemes, luxurious soft “hand”, excellent resiliency, durability, abrasion resistance and texture retention. Other features include good resistance to stains and soils. Nylon is considered to be suitable for all types of traffic. Solution dyed nylon provides excellent color fastness and increases stain clean ability.

Olefin (polypropylene): Olefin features include its inherent and permanent resistance to water-based stains, its colorfastness and resistance to static electricity. Olefin is resistant to moisture, making it the primary fiber used in indoor/outdoor carpet.

Polyester: Polyester features include its luxurious soft “hand’, inherent and permanent stain resistance, and ability to produce bright colors. Other features include good abrasion resistance, fade resistance, and clean ability.

Triexta: Triexta features include its luxurious soft “hand”, excellent colorfastness and bright colors, inherent and permanent stain resistance. Other features include durability, resistance to fading, cleanability, texture retention and resiliency.

Wool: Wool is a natural fiber noted for its luxury and performance. Its features include soft “hand”, high bulk, color variety and inherent flame retardant characteristics.

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